Flexible tiles


Art. 1035/2

Gibka39 flexible tiles are an eco-friendly, vapor-permeable, and fireproof finishing material with unique properties, allowing it to be used virtually anywhere.

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The advantages of flexible tiles


The weight is up to 3 kg/1m2 – therefore, there is no load on the facade and no contraindications for use in high-rise construction

Easy installation

Self-assembly without any special construction skills is available. Does not require special tools. Can be cut with a common construction knife


Flexible clinker tiles repeat the curved forms of the substrate. It is mounted on arches, columns, corners, etc.


The thickness of flexible tiles is ∽3.5 mm, so the product is lightweight. It does not take much space when mounted in a room and does not put load on the walls.

Frost and moisture resistant

Resistant to long-term cyclical exposure to negative and positive temperatures. The adhesive protects facades from water, as it does not react with it.


It allows water vapor to pass through the wall from the inside to the outside of the building due to the difference in temperature and pressure.

Resistant to efflorescence

No efflorescence during installation or use, as you would find on ceramic tile or clinker brick, because the tile adhesive is dispersion-based and does not contain lime or cement.

No fading

Carefully selected sand is dyed with UV stable iron oxide pigments

3D effect

Flexible clinker tiles perfectly imitate masonry, creating a stunning image of your home


Despite the evolution of advanced technology, the production of flexible clinker tiles remains manual, which allows us to maintain exclusivity of our products

High-quality raw materials

The main components in the production of flexible clinker tiles are high-quality quartz sand, acrylic dispersions, and iron oxide pigments

Universality of use

Flexible tiles are mounted outside and inside buildings, on mineral substrates (concrete, cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, etc.), as well as on insulation using polystyrene foam or mineral wool.

Our tiles boast different textures

Image: Product
Image: Product

Example of installation

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